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Haylie's Movie
Produced in Houston, TX
in 1999.  Unfortunately,
the movie never sold!
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(At right is the promo poster for the film.  Haylie is pictured in the center above the trunk. Click poster for larger view)

Story Background: Eccentric Aunt Nellie (Shelley Duvall) has a magical trunk in her attic at the costume shop that she owns.  Costumes that are placed in the trunk possess the ability to fulfill the "dreams" of those that wear them.

Haylie played
in the Movie


LEFT:  Actress, Kara Houston, poses between takes during a hairdressing session.  Kara played Nicole, Jessica's (Haylie)  best friend in the movie.

RIGHT:  Director of Photography, Jaroslav Vodehnal, poses at the 16mm camera that was used to film the movie.

BELOW:  Filming at a real costume shop in Galveston Texas.   Haylie is actually wearing one of the shop's costumes (back view, wearing red hat)  Miss Shelley Duvall (Aunt Nellie) can be seen in the center.


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