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These pictures were taken in Hollywood, CA during the filming of the NBC program "American Dreams"

The Story...
I was in L.A. in January of 2004 and had some time to kill before my flight departed, so I decided to drive over to Ren-Mar Studios in the Hollywood area to see if anything was going on there.  Well, a few blocks away from Ren-Mar, a crew from Universal Studios was on location filming an upcoming episode of the "American Dreams" series.  They were filming at a public pool (pictures above and right), and I heard the assistant director at one point say something about the setting being the 4th of July.  I tried to look up when this particular program was aired.  From what I was able to determine, it looks like it was aired March 21, 2004, (Episode 42 "Chasing the Past").  I think the only star from the program that I saw was
Sarah Emily Ramos (Patti Pryor).  There could have been others there from the show, but I would not have recognized them since I'm not a TV watcher.  I was surprised to see that the director appeared to be one of the youngest persons on the set.  Anyway, I stayed there about an hour and a half.  I love watching movie production work and especially the camera part of it.  I left when the crew broke for lunch.
-Bro Bob

The Public pool can be seen in the background.  It was a cool, but sunny January day when this episode was filmed, but the story setting was the 4th of July.  There were quit a few extras in the pool and around the pool (brrrr!)  The three men associated with the camera dolly are the Camera Operator, Focus Puller, and Dolly Grip (left to right).  The show's Director and the Director of Photography were under the blue canopy watching the video assist monitors (which show the video image that each camera is capturing).  There were actually 3 camera crews on this location shoot.

This has nothing to do with the TV program, "American Dreams".  I just wanted to include it to show you my "Dream" of working for the Walt Disney Company.  This is a shot of one of the employee gates at Disney's Burbank Studios. The dream started when I was 19, and now I am old, but still dreaming... on the outside of this locked gate!


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